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{Illegibilus} Zoey Blake 5th year app by Nikae {Illegibilus} Zoey Blake 5th year app by Nikae
:iconillegibilus: :iconillegibilus: :iconillegibilus:

[1/29/15] APP REWIND: 1st IB app sheet:  such a difference between then and now :iconwind-plz:

1.)  :new: [5/18/15] Replaced voice claim link since the previous link lead to a, now, private video. smh

:new: [11/14/15] Updated personality section since it was 2013 OLD and the writing was crap :icondeadbodyplz:
1.) [5/1/15] Updated with a new relationship doc. [See Personal Information Section]
2.) [6/28/15] Added a playlist for Zoey [See Additional Information Section]


:bulletgreen: Methods of RP:
          ► Google Docs
          ► Skype
          ► Chat
:bulletred: I don't RP using Notes anymore (too much clutter), but you may still note me to ask for an RP.


'Sir, I think you have a problem with your brain being missing.'

General Information

Name:        Zoey Astraea Blake (formerly Rowen)
Age:           Fifteen
Gender:      Female
Height:       5'6" // 168cm
Weight:      122lbs // 55kg
Birthday:    August 4th 2000 [♌ Leo]
Nationality: British
〖Ethnicity:〗    Irish/English
House:        Ravenclaw
Year:           5th year
〖Appearance (to avoid confusion):〗Hair: :bulletblack: Black (w/ purple sheen:bulletpurple:)
                                                       Eyes: :bulletgreen: Olive Green 
〖Accessory:〗  Friendship Bracelet (color: :bulletpurple:)
                       - connected with Claude Larkspleen's 


════════════════════════════Personal Information:════════════════════════════
►〖Blood Status -


Wand Ingredients - 

          ►Core: Dragon Heartstring
"As a rule, dragon heartstrings produce wands with the most power, and which are capable of the most flamboyant spells. Dragon wands tend to learn more quickly than other types. While they can change allegiance if won from their original master, they always bond strongly with the current owner.
"The dragon wand tends to be easiest to turn to the Dark Arts, though it will not incline that way of its own accord. It is also the most prone of the three cores to accidents, being somewhat temperamental."

          ►Length: 12 1/2

          ►Wood: Cypress
"Cypress wands are associated with nobility. The great medieval wandmaker, Geraint Ollivander, wrote that he was always honoured to match a cypress wand, for he knew he was meeting a witch or wizard who would die a heroic death. Fortunately, in these less blood-thirsty times, the possessors of cypress wands are rarely called upon to lay down their lives, though doubtless many of them would do so if required. Wands of cypress find their soul mates among the brave, the bold and the self-sacrificing: those who are unafraid to confront the shadows in their own and others’ natures."

          ►Flexibility: Hard

:new:〖Zoey's Relationship Doc - 
:NOTE: Last update: 7/16/15
          ►The only thing important on this app



|✔Quick Wit| |Brave| |Quick Study| |Calculating| |✔Protective| |✔Curious| |✔Loyal|
|✔✘Competitive| |✔✘Serious|
|✘Self-sacrificing| |Stubborn| |✘Prideful| |Secretive| |✘Arrogant| |✘Easily Startled|


At the core, Zoey exhibits the combined traits of being intelligent, clever, curious and brave, traits passed on and nurtured by her parents. Zoey’s brand of bravery was once thought to be a trait inherited by her father, one who was brave but also was level-headed. However the more she gets older, the more it’s come to be found that she’s just as reckless and arrogant as those on her mother’s side of the family, and due to recent events, is becoming even more apparent; developing a self-sacrificing attitude along with her urge to protect others, especially so with her close friends, exhibiting a certain loyalty to them at the very expense of herself.

Zoey thinks very highly of herself and her intelligence and feels that she can handle herself in any situation to the point where she becomes very stubborn and unyielding once she’s made up her mind. It will take a lot of convincing through sound arguments or just words from the right person to sway her mind. She fancies herself to be a quick study on top of being calculating and has a competitive nature that surfaces when it comes to learning, Quidditch or situations that will arouse the need to compete. She’s very serious about the things she sets her mind on and often times will not tolerate those that fool around when something needs to be done, or if that something is important to her.

She doesn’t have too much a problem communicating with others- if it’s just talking about stuff like classes, studying, books, hobbies, etc. Otherwise, when it comes to personal affairs, she’s the type to be secretive about matters that involve how she really feels and tends to keep a lot to herself only telling that person what’s really going on if she feels they should or wants them to know. Any suffering she’s going through, she’ll hide if it’s been deemed inappropriate to her. This secretiveness, and if coupled with her stubbornness, in certain situations also has the tendency to cause misunderstandings as her words and body language betray what she’s actually feeling inside. She could be honestly trying to help, but would look or sound like she’s criticizing the person, or would look like she’s put off by them.

It’s very easy to startle this girl, and often times is achievable when she’s so focused on one thing or has been reading too many horror stories or reading up on creepy and dangerous magical creatures.

Link to previous personalty writing:


:: Before HOGWARTS ::
          Zoey came from a long line of pure-bloods, the Blake Family. The Blake family consisted of a long line of pure-bloods, but that line had just recently became broken with Ione, Zoey's mother. Ione had met a young Irishman, a muggle by the name of Tristan Rowen, who was on vacation in Great Britain. Ione took a liking to this young man and willingly discarded the Blake family for him. She ran away with him to Ireland. There it was found out that Tristan had no living relatives that he knew about. He had grown up in an orphanage until he was old enough to be kicked out and live on his own. It was decided that Ione would become his family and later married. A year later, Zoey was born. Everyday was filled with happiness, until one day a bizarre accident happened to both Tristan and Ione that resulted in Zoey becoming an orphan at the age of 6. It was decided that Zoey would be taken in by the main house of the Blake family. The Blake family made Zoey take their surname and completely discarded her muggle father's name.
           Zoey wasn't sure what happened to her parents, all that she was told was that it was a magic related incident. Zoey began speculating that it was her pure-blood family that was the cause of it since she had overheard a conversation a while back between her parents and the Blake family that the Blake family had wanted to take her from them to keep any more deviations from the pure-blood line from happening, it was already bad enough that Zoey was a half-blood witch.

[About the Blake Family]

           The Blake family is a strange pure-blood family that favors their witches being in Slytherin, for their cunning and power and their wizards being in Gryffindor, for their bravery. Only the females were able to become head of the family as they see their male counterparts as being dimwitted and rather reckless. 

:: Year ONE ::

          She received her letter 3 years after being taken in by her grandmother and the Blake family. It was no surprise to anyone that she would be a witch, though some members of the Blake family feared that her muggle father had messed her chances up. She had shown signs of having magic abilities long before she had received the letter. The Blake family was ecstatic and immediately began planning her future for her.

           The Sorting Hat contemplated sorting her into Gryffindor for her brave and courageous character, or possible Slytherin since every female of the Blake family before her had been sorted into that house,  but she argued that being brave and courageous doesn't always denote good leadership and that intelligence is needed to make wise decisions and therefore favors being intelligent over blindly rushing into things, and she wasn't conniving and fowl enough for Slytherin . The Sorting Hat yielded, though in the process had refuted that not all Slytherins were as bad nor were Griffyndors as foolish as what she had seen from her family, and sorted her into Ravenclaw. 

          During this year, problems with her family started to seep into her school life with their constant meddling on how to become a successful witch in the wizarding world. Prior to the Entrance Ceremony and the Sorting Hat, her family told her that she must get into Slytherin at all costs and she would be disowned if she had gotten accepted into Gryffindor. Zoey, noticing that she had not been given an ultimatum for not getting into Slytherin proceeded to formulate a plan to get her into Ravenclaw. They couldn't do anything if she was sorted there. At least there were some prestige for being in Ravenclaw. 

:: Year TWO ::

          There's one major decision that's being forced upon her now, and that is the training needed to take over being head of the Blake family after Zoey's grandmother. Zoey's aunt, Calypso, was displeased over this. It would have been Calypso in line to be head of the family if it weren't for Hecate favoring Ione over Calypso. Because of this favoritism, Zoey was given the chance ahead of Calypso given that Zoey followed all the conditions:
1.) She must reach adulthood before Hecate's time is over
2.) Complete all the required training at home
3.) Receive good marks in Hogwarts
4.) Never marry anyone less than pure-blood.
If she met all these conditions then Calypso would be knocked out of the running.
           Mail from her grandmother and Calypso started intensifying to an alarming degree and thus making the other students concerned if they should even approach her anymore due to this. Zoey is required to mail them back every time she receives a letter from them. When she doesn't is when the howlers come in, and Zoey had been getting A LOT of them.

            Zoey's youngest cousin, Orion, had just started attending Hogwarts as well and is in his first year so her aunt, Ceres, the more mellow of her two aunts sends her letters asking about him and that she should check on him when she gets the change to out of her busy school schedule. Zoey didn't mind Ceres' request much, if Orion didn't act like a typical bratty 11 year old from a pure-blood family.

         ► Had her freckles on her face Obliterated off by her cousin Deimos as part of a cruel prank to test out his newly acquired spell.

:: Year THREE ::

             Zoey is finally able to participate in going to Hogsmeade, though Calypso tried many times to prohibit her from being able to go but failed as Hecate was Zoey's legal guardian.

            Zoey decided to try out for the Ravenclaw's Quidditch team and made the team as a Chaser. Oddly, no one in the Blake family seem to protest her joining her house's Quidditch team. Could it be that they're secretly huge Quidditch fans? 

           ► Her school life at Hogwarts turned for the worst when she and a group of her peers were attacked by a Troll and then later the Inferi during their Blood Moon trip to the Forbidden Forest. Zoey developed an irrational fear of the moon because of this event and had spent many sleepless nights by the common room's fireplace feeling that being close to fire would protect her from things that go bump in the night.

           ► The last day of the school year at Hogwarts, during a terrible storm that swept through the grounds effectively delaying the train home, Zoey had heard that Professor Desmarais was killed by Professor Rendell while everyone was busy keeping the grounds from falling a part. She felt a sickening feeling in her stomach from the news and she knew it was going to be a long train ride home for the summer. 

           ► She had met a small handful of new friends that year, like Claude "Phantom of the Library" Larkspleen, whom she met in the library when he asked if she could help him get a book due to him forgetting his wand. This unusual boy became one of her close friends shortly after that. Zoey had also begun talking more with Eve "Queen of the Puffskeins" Blotts. On top of that she had met a couple Gryffindors, Torence "Call me Tore" Vitaliy and Mitta "Let me Share Your Wizard Tent" Galloway, whom she has developed a respect for (after the Blood Moon trip) despite her original view of the house.

:: Year FOUR ::

           ► She has started to become more reckless in her actions due to the stress of past events of the previous term. Others(Family and certain friends) have started to take notice in her strange new behavior.
           ► After having a talk with Claude, Zoey has managed to resolve at least a little bit of the issues that plague her, though for how long, who knows?

           ► At the same time, she had started thinking more about what she'd really like to do years from now when she graduates, even though she is being pressured by her grandmother into picking a more "reputable" career fitting for the future matriarch. Wanting to be a professor seems to be out of the question.

           ► It is discovered that Aunt Ceres is 3 months pregnant, throwing the Blakes into a tizzy over signs pointing that it might be a girl. A letter that Zoey received from them about the matter gives her a sense of uneasiness, even more so that the current head of the family, her grandmother, has been constantly falling ill as well...  

:new:  ► Part way through her 4th year, a couple months after she had confessed her feeling for Tore; Zoey had gotten herself involved with yet another boy, Gwyn, all due to a game of spin bottle and him stealing her first kiss. A rumor surfaced shortly after claiming that because she couldn't win Tore, that she was juts settling fro Gwyn. Due to her inability to be able to cope with such a rumor, upon seeing Gwyn next, she came up and slapped him across the face. But this was only the tip of the iceberg concerning the problems that would plague these two.

           ► Reconciling after the slap incident, Zoey began to find herself falling for Gwyn the more they hung out together and after another impromptu game of spin the bottle, they ended up kissing again, and after that kiss, she kissed him once more. As misfortune would find it, a chance encounter with a certain professor's belt would end up causing their friendship to become unstable- barely even talking to each other for sometime.

           ► Zoey would once more find herself in trouble with another one of her friends, Michael, which seemed to have stemmed from when Zoey had slapped Gwyn. During their fight, she ended up slapping Michael after he dropped the 'F' bomb and on top of that, she scourgified his mouth as added punishment. However, this all happened in front of Xavier, and then Kacey and Kim showed up putting Zoey in a terrible position which only Kacey seemed to care to check on Zoey while the boys flocked to Michael.

           ► At the closing of the school year, Hogwarts held a celebration full of activities for students to enjoy. A couple of the activities actually served to patch some strained relationships of hers. The major one being the mending of Zoey and Michael's friendship when Kacey and Fran conspired to get the both of them to work together to clear the Obscuro Course. Although they didn't win, they at least did far better than the Kacey/Fran pair. 

           ► As a last activity, all the students went on a scavenger hunt and after having found all the slips of paper with letters on them, an explosion was heard coming from the basement. Upon reaching the basement they found a badly burned Professor Ortiz and Zoey's captain stashed away in the closet. After this came an unexpected battle with Instructor Wells. The battle ending when her and Nate had unintentionally knocked him out just as Wells had come to. However, the real battle had just begun, as one of the true culprits came forth. The battle with Knightley had been an intense one, one that had woken Zoey up when the 2nd year she had sworn to protect during all of it (Edgar) had a Cruciatus Curse cast at him; thankfully he had been spared by a rune which he had made. Zoey didn't escape this battle unscathed- the flames produced by Knightley had engulfed Zoey's wand arm [which would later on heal leaving behind light scarring]. Due to this fight, Zoey made a promise to herself to better look out for others. The fear of herself or her friends dying had shaken her to take action to prevent any of this from happening again. 

           ► Post battle: Entering the Great Hall after having her arm treated and catching the sight of Gwyn- through the relief of seeing that the both of them had survived- they finally made up.

:: Year FIVE ::

:new:  ► That Summer...


-Father: Tristan Rowen - Muggle  
-Mother: Ione Rowen/Blake -Pure Blood 

----Members of The Blake Family----
           On the Blake side of the family there is the head of the family, Hecate Blake. She is the grandmother of Zoey. Zoey's mother had an older brother, Argus Blake, and an older and younger sister, Calypso and Ceres. From there, Calypso had married a man named Aristaeus and Ceres married a man named Pyrrhus, both whom took the name, Blake, as per the family custom. 
             Zoey has four cousins all of which are male and are in the Gryffindor house. The oldest cousin, Evander, is the son of Argus and a woman who none of the family members talk about. The relationship between Zoey and Evander is a lot better compared to her relationship with the rest of the Blakes. The second and third oldest cousins are the sons of Calypso and Aristaeus, Deimos and Lykos. These two like to terrorize others as a past time. The youngest cousin after Zoey is Orion.  He is the son of Ceres and Pyrrhus. Orion isn't as bad as Deimos and Lykos but he has the bratty youngest member personality down to an art.

           Zoey doesn't know any of her family members from the Rowen side of the family.



════════════════════════════Interests & Dislikes:════════════════════════════


     Likes it when things are quiet
     being warm
     Spring and Summer
     music that contains various melodies; something that keeps the brain active while listening to.
         -some examples include- 
                    -new age 
                    -music that uses string instruments 
     animals (mostly cats) and magical creatures
     likes scary things; like urban legends or things with a hint of truth to them
     people she feels she can trust
     painting and sketching
     things being clean
     prefers muggle candy over wizard candy any day
    ☑ Her older cousin, Evander


    Immature people
    being cold
    loud, over the top events
    her meddlesome family ((with the exception of Evander))
    being scared by people
   ☒ being messy; she tries her best to be as clean as possible while painting as well.
   ☒ Regret
   ☒ Snakes


════════════════════════════Academic Information:════════════════════════════

Elective Classes:

              :: Arithmancy::  
              :: Study of Ancient Runes::
              :: Divination::

Extra Curricular: 

              :: Art::
              :: Ancient Studies::
             ► :: Quidditch:: {Chaser} :new:


          ►||Protego|| Creates a shield from the caster's wand which deflects jinxes, hexes, and curses. Extra: Prefers using the {{Dunbihu}} pronunciation over Protego.
          ►||Incendio|| {{Incendio}}Creates a jet of flame which expels from the wand. The power of this spell increases with the skill and experience of the caster.
          ►||Flame-Freezing Charm|| Protects a subject from harm from fires, a key component in the creation of Floo powder. Notably, this charm is insufficient to protect a victim from Fiendfyre.
          ►||Flocking Charm|| {{Avis}} Conjures a flock of small birds that emerge from the caster's wand. Creative wizards have used this offensively.
          ►||Releasing Charm {{Relashio}} Forces someone or something binding the caster to release - it can break the grip of a hand or unfasten chains or ropes. It has also been used as a defensive charm, and in skilled hands can have concussive effects.


════════════════════════════〖Additional Information:════════════════════════════


          ►Name:  N/A
          ►Species: N/A
          ►Gender: N/A
          ►Personality: N/A





          ► Dark colored hair and steely gray eyes are trademark appearances of the Blake family 

          ► Rusty brown hair and olive colored eyes is the trademark appearance of the Rowens

          ► Had the freckles on her face obliterated, per use of the Obliteration Charm, by her cousin, Deimos as a cruel prank during her 2nd year at Hogwarts.

          ► Took a liking to flying in her 1st year.

          ► Loves all things ancient and loves learning about them.

          ► Some of her favorite classes are Potions, Charms and History of Magic.

          ► Herbology was never really her strong suit. Just being intelligent doesn't makes things grow apparently.

          ► Feels a slight jealousy over other students with pets since she wasn't allowed to have one.

          ► Her original last name was Rowen.

          ► Born and lived in Claregalway, Ireland until the age of 6

          ► Became a citizen of England after the age of 6 when she had began living with her grandmother, Hecate.

          ► Used to live in Cornwall, England with the rest of her mother's family until the summer going into her 5th year when she was banished with her oldest cousin by their aunt Calypso soon after their grandmother, and family head, passed away.

          ► Currently resides with the Docketts while Zoey's cousin sorts some things out concerning the Blakes.

          ► Has a visible burn scar on her right arm from the battle with Knightley. Zoey doesn't bother covering this up as a reminder of that day and a reminder for herself to change- To not be afraid. To not second guess. To take control of herself. To protect those that need to be protected. 

:bulletblue: 1,000 House Points:

:bulletblue:Yule Ball 2013-2014

:bulletblue:Valentine's Day 2014

:bulletblue:Blood Moon Event 2014

:bulletblue:House Cup 2014

:bulletblue:Quidditch World Cup 2014

:bulletblue:Gala Badge 2014 

:bulletblue:Yule Ball 2014-2015 

:bulletblue:Valentine's Day 2015

:bulletblue:Walpurgis Night 2015



Academic Badges:

> once I stop being lazy and do more tasks TTuTT <<
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