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{Kwidditch} Branwen Norwood app by Nikae {Kwidditch} Branwen Norwood app by Nikae

Basic Information ►

Name: Branwen Aria Norwood

Nicknames: Brains (by Gregorio)

Nationality: Welsh

Sex: Female

Gender: Female

Birthday: February 17th ♒

Age: 16

Physical Information ►

Ethnicity: Caucasian (Welsh/English/French)

Height: 5’5” (167.6 cm)

Weight: 124 lbs (56.2 kg)

Voice claim: N/A

Face claim: Anna Speckhart (minus the freckles)

School Information ►

House: Slytherin

Year: 5th

Blood status: Pureblood

Wand: Hornbeam / Dragon Heartstring / 12 / Unyielding


❧ Care of Magical Creatures

❧ Divination


❧ Ghoul Studies

❧ Magical Theory

Pet: N/A



Stats ►


Level 1: 
 10 HP || 2 Luck || 3 Def } 
[ 2 ACC || 2 INT || 2 DEX || 2 STR ]

Wins: 1
Losses: 2

Personality ►

|| Clever || Independent || Loyal || Reliable || Passionate ||

|| Honest || Odd || Ambitious || Competitive ||

|| Arrogant || Outspoken || Haughty || Vindictive || Self-Centered || Insecure ||

Growing up with brothers, Branwen possess a set of traits stemming from such an environment. Her tendency to be independent of action with a vindictive streak resulted from these interactions and because of such, not only does she prefer to go through life taking rules as only a suggestion, she’s also not above getting even with anyone who’s done her wrong be it through words, or physical retribution, as she doesn’t tolerate being walked all over her. Likewise, her honesty of action is a blessing and a curse, as while she’s outspoken in terms of how she truly thinks and feels, she can also come across as being inappropriate during certain situations.

Branwen tends to become ambitious and haughty in face of her peers, displaying a certain competitiveness and bravado in the courses she feels she excels in (even in the ones that don’t actually come as easy to her) and takes pride in her cleverness. But at the same time due to this, she tends to take failures personally, falling into a state of irritability should a situation blow up in her face. As such she would rather be left alone to clear her head; preferable as the alternative would consist of taking frustrations out on something or someone else. This behaviour is evidence of her underlying insecurities correlating back to her home life and her relationship with her family.

She’s reliable when it suits herself, but finds no issue doing favors for someone under the conditions that it’s not being imposed upon her, or the favor is coming from a friend or housemate. Otherwise, one should expect anything asked to be done with reluctance, and at the last minute as she wouldn’t feel as motivated preferring to rather do her own thing. That being, she comes off as being self-centred when thinking only about her own goals. And much in the same nature, with no helping this image, she has a tendency to enthusiastically talk only about the things that interest her, with the exception being if the other person brings up an interesting bit of info themselves that’s worthy of note or discussion.

Make no mistake, she’s not inherently moody nor mean-spirited, on the contrary it’s quite the opposite. Despite the traits that make her out to be a bit rough-around-the-edges and difficult to deal with in certain social situations, she’s actually a very loyal and caring, albeit a bit passionate, with a love of sweets, nice clothing and all manners of magical life; from plants to magical creatures, and a few odd behaviors in the sense that she will talk to herself, objects, and even to plants and creatures, that verge on full conversations. And regarding her loyalty, while it’s seemingly unshakable in terms of friends and housemates, she is absolutely lost as to what to do when one is in need of consoling and will become awkward in the face of emotional outbursts as a result.


❧ Loves plants

❧ Magical creatures

❧ Nature publications

❧ Going by her own pace, fast or slow, but mostly fast

❧ Challenges

❧ Sweets

❧ Yellow-green

❧ Personal privacy

❧ Being impressive

❧ Basking in the sun

❧ Warm earth-scented nights


❧ Being told what to do/being bossed around

❧ Being told what she “can’t” do

❧ Being manipulated

❧ Being taken for granted

❧ Beating around the bush

❧ Nagging

❧ Others crying

❧ Wet socks

❧ Broken promises

History ►


❧ Emrick Alwyn Norwood || Father || Pureblood || 40 || Potioneer || Slytherin

❧ Gloria Évelyne Norwood (née Lyndon) || Mother || Muggleborn || 40 || Herbologist/Florist || Ravenclaw

❧ Archer Henri Norwood || Brother || Pureblood || 18 || Potioneer (Apprentice) || Slytherin

❧ Rhodri Edmond Norwood || Brother || Pureblood || 13 || 3rd year Student || Ravenclaw

❧ Alvin Léon Norwood || Brother || Pureblood || 11 || 1st year Student || Slytherin

Early Childhood

Living in the wizarding community of Caerphilly, Wales; Branwen came as the second eldest of four children, born to a pureblood wizard and a muggleborn witch. From the moment she was born their eldest son had shown signs of jealousy towards his younger sister as he wasn’t the only child anymore. This jealousy manifested itself as small acts of protest at first, but as they grew older, then turned into physical squabbles between the two. Unable to find a way to quell the two’s constant fighting, their parents lazily wrote it off as a phase that they’ll get over one day. But in the meantime, two more brothers came along, Rhodri and Alvin, two years and four years younger than Branwen respectively. With them, the disputes between Archer and Branwen now turned into all out roughhousing between all four of them, which got more complicated as the siblings started showing signs of magical ability. Their parents not only had to worry about them, but now about the things in their home being destroyed/broken at any given moment from these accidental displays.

Despite Branwen’s tumultuous relationship with her brothers, her relationship with her parents was relatively decent. Her mother, gentle and wise, always encouraged Branwen’s interests, within reason. Her father, however well meaning, attempted to get his children interested in his work to one day take over his shop. Ironic, as he had rebelled against his own parents for the same views. Unfortunately, it didn’t stick well with his children at the time, being met with varying degrees of disinterest. The oldest wanted nothing to do with their shop altogether (which would later change), the two youngest boys too young to understand what sounded like alien talk to them, and Branwen, having already developed her own interests far removed from Potioneering. For her, she found what her mother did more fascinating, and along with this, her interests branched off to encompass all manner of magical life. However, she was often teased by her brothers, saying that it was because she was a girl that she’d be interested in flowers and animals- but this couldn’t be further from that. She found plants and creatures better company, which was telling, considering the dangerous types out in the world.

Letter and Years 1-5

Branwen had been the second to receive her letter and with an impressive destruction streak under her belt, there’d never been any doubt. But along with her letter came her parent’s worries that she’d have a hard time getting along at Hogwarts. Having been sorted into Slytherin, like her brother and father, she was left her to figure out the ways of the school for herself as her older brother choose not to associate with her. She felt overwhelmed by the large castle with its many corridors and tricky stairs, but as time progressed, she started to feel more familiar with the school and instead saw it as more of an adventure to the point where she’d purposefully take a ‘wrong’ way to see where she’ll end up- though these impromptu adventures of hers often landed her in trouble as she’d resort to using crafty ways of getting from point A to point B.

For her classes, she enjoyed them ‘most’ of them, having troubles grasping a few, but to her mother’s expectations, she had taken to Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures like water. However, she became competitive, always striving to come out at top- a view she carried over to a lot of the classes she found herself getting the hang off- with the exception of Potions, where she felt she needed to fake her abilities due to her father being a potioneer. This led to many potion related accidents. She’d also taken a special interest in Defense Against the Dark Arts, though the motivation behind this interest had largely been influenced by revenge against her eldest brother above all. The image of him stumbling around with jellified legs had been an amusing thought of hers- the ultimate revenge in her eyes.

In her fifth year now, with her younger brothers attending and her eldest brother already graduated, she continues in pursuit of her interests, still having no desire to become a potioneer like her father. Rather, she wants to go her own path, looking for fame so that she can rub it in her brothers’ faces.

Extra Information ►

Fun facts:

  • Plant covered structures and objects (like walls, gates/fences, statues) are aesthetic.

  • Has a private stash of sugar quills

  • ‘Bowtruckle pajamas’ and Puffskein accessories for days

  • Surprisingly has a few ‘girly’ interests (that her brothers have often teased her about) like wanting to be fashion forward/conscious (bowtruckle pajamas aside) as well as being a sucker for romance stories.

  • Mother is English/French.

  • Father is English/Welsh.

  • They live in a fairly decent sized home, quaint; per her mother’s request

  • Same mother had also grown a garden around it’s property

  • Stays in touch with their maternal grandparents, but not so much their paternal ones, or that side of the family in general because of her father.

  • Her father’s shop was made possible due to an inheritance he received from his late grandfather

  • For a time, she and her brothers weren’t allowed to step foot in their father’s store for fear they’d break something. It wasn’t until she and Archer had started attending Hogwarts, ultimately learning to control their magic, were they able to see what it was like.

  • Her mother hadn’t imposed the same restrictions on her part of the shop, but she had to keep special eye on Branwen… for the below reason...

  • She had accidentally manipulated her mother’s plants as a child when defending herself against Archer, resulting in a broken window or two.

  • She and her siblings were each home schooled by their mother and were taught basic muggle subjects until turning the appropriate age to attend Hogwarts.

  • Gets along with her youngest brother, Alvin, best

  • She’s a natural brunette, but has it dyed two-tone (orange)

  • Eye color is Gray-Blue

  • Left-hand dominant


  • Smol blurb about how parents met

OOC Information ►

Timezone:-5 UTC (EST)

RP Methods: Gdocs || Discord || LINE || dA Chat

Branwen Norwood: :iconnikae:
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