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{MH} Setsuna Shinryoku APP by Nikae {MH} Setsuna Shinryoku APP by Nikae
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I hope this is alright. My character back grounds leave more to be desired. :iconimdoneplz:

Last Name: Shinryoku
First Name: Setsuna
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4"
Birthday: September 24 (Libra)
Age: 16
Year:  Year 2
Club: Theater and Writing
Dorm: N/A
Voice Sample:
   Speaking:  (Gou Matsuoka/Akeno Watanabe)

> Sweet and Spicy Foods
> Riding bicycles
> The sky; sunrises, sunsets, mildly cloudy with blue skies
> Likes to be active
> Loves music and singing
> Enjoys writing her own plays and stories
> Cooking at home
> Likes ghost stories and urban legends
> Blues, Greens and Purples
> Love/Romance
> Historical dramas

> Bland, plain, or dry food
> Rainy days
> Swimming
> Onions
> Radishes
> Being told to act "normal"
> Her brother going through her things in her room
> Being scared
> Yellow and neon colors
> Loud arguments, yelling, fighting

Eccentric || Intelligent || Clumsy || Energetic || Uncertain || Worries || Helpful || Kind

On the surface, Setsuna is seen as an eccentric, energetic, yet clumsy individual, but under that lies a young girl who is uncertain about the future state of her family. Her tendency to keep her personal problems to herself is what fuels the mask she wears in front of her peers. She feels that if she acts overly happy and excited that it will mask all the pain and worrying that happens deep inside. By acting this way she feels that everything truly is fine even though that bubble bursts the moment she comes home to a mother that's lying in a depressed heap on the couch. Despite her own troubles, she's more than willing to help others in need, even using her happy and energetic mask as a means to help.

Setsuna is the oldest child born to an energy researcher and a housewife, living in a modest sized home. Her father's job is to work on creating and utilizing a new green source of energy. Because of the nature of her father's job, he is almost always away in the research lab which causes her mother to become lonely and depressed. As a result, her mother tends becomes very lazy and air-headed which causes her to start neglecting the house work and her younger siblings. Whenever this happens, Setsuna has to step in to take care of the house in her stead with some help from Akemi. This is the current state of affairs in the Shinryoku household.

It hadn't always been like this when Setsuna was growing up. When she was younger, her father was home a lot more often and he'd used to take Setsuna and Akemi to the park to play or go down to the beach as a family. Things changed about three years after Naoto was born. Her father was on the verge of a break through in his research and started spending more time in the lab and less time at home. However, when he was home, Setsuna could hear her parents fighting about how much time he's been spending in the lab and how her mother needs to be less selfish because this is about the fate of the human race. The way her father had talked was a bit melodramatic.

To escape from hearing these fights, she would lock herself in her room and sing songs played on the radio or write about faraway place while listening to music. Anything to keep her mind off of the fighting. During middle school, she started to leave the house during some of their fights to go sing in a park in front of the younger kids. Akemi would then have to go and bring her back whenever that happened because there would be no one else there to help watch Naoto and she was being suspicious by randomly singing to a group of little kids in a park like some pied-piper. It was suggested by Akemi that Setsuna should should probably do this in a more acceptable environment, like a theater. It was later after this that Setsuna started looking into theater to direct her needs for escape. 

>> Shinryoku, Shichirou {Father} Age: 37
>> Shinryoku, Akane {Mother} Age: 36
>> Shinryoku, Akemi {Younger Sister/ Jr. High} Age: 14
>> Shinryoku, Naoto {Younger brother/ Elementary} Age: 9

Friends: N/A

Crush: N/A

Lover: N/A

> Setsuna doesn't know how to swim. She doesn't dislike the water, she just can't swim very well in it.
> While she hates being scared, she does have a weird fascination with ghost stories and urban legends despite this.
> Her brother, Naoto, likes to run around thinking he's a water ninja and tries to infiltrate Setsuna's and Akemi's respective rooms.
> Her sister Akemi is the more serious of the siblings as a way of coping with their home situation. While Setsuna tries to be upbeat and silly, Akemi is more stern and driven in her goals of getting into a good high school and then eventually a good university. She wants to escape from this situation and live on her own.
> Though her father has a job as a researcher, they own a modern yet traditional Japanese style home with only the kitchen having linoleum flooring. It was something her mother wanted to live in as she preferred traditional housing over western housing.
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